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ARES provides investors with the opportunity to invest in three separate kinds of real estate investment vehicles.

Tenant-In-Common (TIC) offerings are a new and innovative approach to real estate investment that has rapidly evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. TIC ownership is an investment into large, institutional grade property by private individual owners who are on title for their undivided fractional interest in the property.

TIC programs provide actual ownership of an asset, including all of the tax benefits associated with real property ownership. Investors achieve portfolio diversification while deferring capital gains taxes and eliminating active property management responsibilities.

ARES is pleased to offer investors a unique opportunity to invest in the real estate development process for commercial projects via development fund offerings.

Our development funds provide private investors with a high-yield, long-term real estate investment opportunity.  These programs have been tailored to enable accredited investors to co-invest with a proven developer-builder and share in the rewards from the greatest period of appreciation in real estate.

Tenant-In-Common Equity Funds are formed to acquire LLC member ownership in fractional undivided interests in multiple multi-family residential, office, retail and other commercial properties built and available for sale through ACG.

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