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American Home Builders


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American Home Builders is the construction division responsible for executing the company's building projects. It is our job to transform the vision into reality.

The career paths at AHB include:

  • Field Construction - These positions include our Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents. These are the team members on their job sites every day making our projects happen.
  • Project Engineering and Project Management - These positions include Project Engineer, Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager. While these team members do spend extensive time on their job sites, they are responsible for supporting the field construction personnel and ensuring correct accurate documentation and records are kept.
  • Construction Support - Behind the scenes at AHB are the team members in Accounting, Human Resources and Contact Administration. At AHB we know it takes a coordinated effort from everyone invovled to make a project successful.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with AHB in one of these positions, please go to Contact HR for instructions on how to reach our Human Resources department.

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